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Tracy and Josh’s wedding in Santorini, Greece, was a breathtaking celebration of love and beauty. Set against the backdrop of Oia’s white-washed buildings and the azure Aegean Sea, their special day was meticulously planned to perfection.

Getting Ready

The morning of the wedding saw Tracy and her bridesmaids preparing in a sky blue suite overlooking the sea, while Josh and his groomsmen got ready in a nearby villa. Tracy’s lace gown and simple bouquet of white roses and eucalyptus complemented the island’s timeless charm, while Josh’s tailored sky blue suit mirrored the enchanting hue of the Aegean.

The Ceremony

As the sun began to set, guests gathered on a terrace adorned with lanterns and rose petals. Tracy walked down the aisle, her face glowing with joy, and Josh’s eyes filled with tears. Their heartfelt vows spoke of shared dreams and unwavering support. As they exchanged rings, the sun dipped below the horizon, casting a golden glow over the scene.

The Reception

The reception, held on the same terrace, featured local wines, Greek appetizers, and a sumptuous feast. Long tables decorated with greenery and candles created an elegant yet relaxed atmosphere. The highlight of the evening was Tracy and Josh’s first dance. As they swayed to a romantic ballad, a spectacular fireworks display lit up the night sky, their vibrant colors reflecting off the sea and adding a magical touch to the moment. The celebration continued late into the night with joyous dancing and heartfelt toasts.

As the evening ended, Tracy and Josh stood together, gazing at the moonlit sea, feeling blessed to have begun their married life in such a magical setting. Their wedding in Santorini was everything they had dreamed of a beautiful, unforgettable celebration of their love.

Sottu is a fearless photographer who specializes in documentary-style photography. He believes that a photograph should capture the essence of a moment and tell a story that is both beautiful and meaningful. Sottu’s passion for his craft has taken him to several international conferences, where he has had the opportunity to learn and grow as a photographer.

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